VIP NASCAR Driving Experience

VIP NASCAR Driving Experience



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Take the Wheel and Drive 8 Laps! The NASCAR Driving Experience puts you in the driver's seat of an actual stockcar. You'll experience the hard turns and fierce acceleration that NASCAR drivers thrive on, reaching speeds of up to 165 MPH on an actual motor speedway (track conditions permitting). The NASCAR Driving Experience may be booked at over 11 different motor speedways throughout the United States including Atlanta, Charlotte, Daytona, Dover, Homestead, Kansas, Kentucky, Las Vegas, Michigan, Nashville, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Richmond, Talladega, and Texas Motor Speedways. INCLUDES: • Professional track and stockcar safety instruction for one driver • Drive eight laps on the speedway of your choice • Helmet and driving suit rental Location: Multiple Details: VIP NASCAR Driving Experience, Valid at multiple locations Restrictions: Subject to availability, Valid for 18 months from date of certificate issuance. Certificate expires 18 months after event date. Valid: Valid anytime

A note from greene county fish pantry: Our annual online auction is raising money to support our Pantry, to provide food to those in need in Greene County Ohio. All auction proceeds will go directly to support these programs. Thank you to all of the generous donors. We greatly appreciate all of the Greene County community who are participating in these important programs, and we wish you good luck with your bids!

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